Science Technologies Organization established in the later part of 1998, by John Galanis under the discrete title Science Fit.

The aim was to address the Greek and Cypriot Health, Fitness and Dietetics professional users with products and services that fit within an applied science perspective.

In order to serve the needs of a broader market (outside the Greek and Cypriot boundaries) of professionals or end users in Heath, Fitness, Nutrition and Well-being, the company changed its status two years ago, to its current form Science Technologies.

Although the aim has remained the same, Science Technologies is now serving the market in the areas of Body Composition, Nutrition, Weight loss management, Well Being, Health-Fitness and Sports Assessment and Exercise Counselling, with over 210 products, 10 software applications and various services under a high level of scientific and technical support.

The company has in its disposal a research and development team of more than twelve professionals including exercise physiologists, sports and clinical nutritionists, specialised doctors and physiotherapists with a vast experience in both the academic and professional field serving as the think tank for software applications and services.

With the completion of our latest software application ScienceTech 150A Fitness – Sports Assessment and Counselling, which has been successfully in operation for over 18 months in Greece and Cyprus under the name ScienceTech 140A, the company would like to attract the global attention of the fitness, sports and coaching market and seek for reputable partners for distribution around the world.

If you want to cooperate with us or send us inquiries regarding our products, please contact us at or call us directly at +30.210.9690594

On behalf of Science Technologies Team
John Galanis BSc, Ass.T

CEO, Managing Director